John 1:19-34

John the Baptist defends who he is (and who he is not.) He is the fulfillment of prophecy whose purpose is to prepare and point to the Christ.

Why did they think he might have been the Christ?

Why did they think he might have been Elijah?

Why did they think he might have been “The Prophet?”

Find out what his purpose was all about, and how he knew who the Messiah really was.

Also, a great resource for you to check out:


Matt. 4:5-11

Satan pulls out 2 more tricks to push Jesus to let humanity take over.

Jesus is tempted to jump from the top of the temple to prove His deity, and then is offered the whole world.

Find out how Jesus repels Satan’s attacks.

God’s Word and plan for us must always be the most important goal and motivation in our lives!



I will give away a copy of Kristy Huntsman’s new book Sanctified: Set Apart for a Purpose.

To enter, find our facebook page “The Heaven Bound Podcast” and share the post from April 2, 2014 explaining what the Heaven Bound Podcast is all about. Monday, April 7th I will put all the names who shared the post into a hat and Taylor will draw a name out during the introduction to the show that will be available Wednesday April, 9th.

My wife, Kristy, who helps me with our podcast has been helping with another site for several years now. The site is and is dedicated to providing articles and Bible study material for women. They also host 2 different annual retreats where women speakers come in and dissect the text from a book in the Bible and teach a very deep lecture series from that book.

One of the more recent endeavers of the ladies at Come Fill Your Cup has been a study guide called “Finer Grounds.” (Yes, everything over there is coffee related.) Kristy is the editor and one of the writers for the Finer Grounds series. The idea behind these studies is to give you a guided study that will take you through a book of the Bible, demonstrating how to ask the right questions and use the tools to extract God’s truths out for yourself.

We are excited to share their news, that Kaio Publications has offered to publish some of these studies into book form. The first one was just made available yesterday, and was authored by Kristy. The title is “Sanctified: Set Apart for a Purpose” and it is a study of 1 & 2 Peter.  It’s divided into 13 chapters so it would be great for a 1-quarter ladies class, or of course it would be fantastic to pick up a copy and study through on your own at whatever pace you like.

The book is listed on and, but we would prefer you go visit and purchase directly from them. A greater percentage of the proceeds will help Kaio Publications offer more material like this and help the Come Fill Your Cup site continue to offer incredible studies such as these.

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Matt. 4:1-4

After Jesus is baptized, He is tested and tried before He begins His public ministry.

What does it mean to “fast” and what is the purpose of doing it?

What does it mean to be “tempted” and what can we learn from Jesus to avoid being carried away by our temptations?

Interview with women’s Bible study author/editor Kristy Huntsman about her new book release.


Matt. 3:13-17

Special guest co-host 2-year-old Makayla Huntsman joins this episode.

Jesus began His ministry with a ritual involving water. God personally approved and validated this event. What is this thing known as “baptism” and why did Jesus do it?  Why was John reluctant to baptize Jesus?  What change happened to Jesus immediately following His baptism?

We also discuss what is meant by the first “beattitude” to be “poor in spirit” and how we can pass this trait along to our children.

Luke 2:41-52

Joseph & Mary faithfully travel to Jerusalem for the Passover. When Jesus was 12 years old, they left without Him! Where was He, what was He doing and why?

Our children get distracted and wander off because they follow something they’re interested in. Jesus shows great maturity at age 12 by being interested in spiritual things. Are we nurturing a love of spiritual things in our children?

Luke 2:52 gives us a 4-point outline for setting goals for our children.

-grow in knowledge/wisdom

-grow in physical stature

-grow in finding favor with God

-grow in finding favor with others

A great study is to compare all the qualifications of elders from 1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1 to this 4-point outline. If we can nurture our children to grow the way Jesus did, they can reach the goals that identify spiritual leaders for the Lord’s church!

Matthew 2:1-23

Jesus is visited by the Magi (or Wise Men). How many Wise Men were there? Then, Joseph & Mary have to bug out to Egypt!

What atrocity occurred at the hand of Herod the Great upon learning the “King of the Jews” had been born? Had it happened before? Just how many ways was Moses a type/anti-type for Jesus?

Find out how Jesus could fulfill the confusing prophecies stating He would be born in Bethlehem, but that He would be called a Nazarene, but also that He would be called out of Egypt! Where is He from already!!

Also check out this awesome resource for your family:

Luke 2:22-38

As faithful Jews, what process followed the birth of Jesus as far as Joseph and Mary were concerned? What can we learn about this family based on the details in this text. What were the “days of purification” and why was baby Jesus taken to the temple?

Find out about some of the sacrifices of Mosaic Law, and which ones Joseph and Mary offered after Jesus’ birth.

We also discuss becoming a “Barnabas” (Acts 4:36) and passing this along to your children!

Minor as it may have been, Jewish male babies underwent surgery if their families were faithful to God. This surgery was a sign demonstrating obedience and identifying God’s people.

This is a Christian Evidences topic when we explore the level of understanding in the day of Abraham and realize that only a Creator and Revealer of Truth could be behind this.

What happens when we get hurt or cut? How does blood help with injuries? What is important about the 8th day? Why is this evidence of an Almighty Creator?

bonus resources:

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