Luke 4:33-37

Jesus encounters a demon, or unclean spirit in a man in the synagogue. Does the demon understand who Jesus is? Does the demon demonstrate fear of the power of the Lord? What does Jesus do about it and how do the crowds react?

Also learn a simple tip to make sure your children are developing their own faith, rather than just piggybacking on yours.

Matt. 4:18-22

Jesus calls His first disciples.

What do they leave behind in order to follow Jesus? Was their concern more for physical or spiritual well-being? What does it mean to be a “fisher of men?”

What is the most important thing in your life and what do your children see as the most important things? Would you be willing to leave something that is taking God’s place in your life?

John 4:46-54

Find out about the incredible faith of a nobleman to leave home looking for Jesus to cure his son… and the greater faith it took to leave Jesus and return home not having seen his son healed first-hand.

Be sure to take some time to spend with your family, and don’t ever be too busy for your children!

John 4:16-24

Jesus continues his discussion with the Samaritan woman at the well. When she realizes He is a prophet, she wants to know about worship.

Find out what Jesus told her is the most important thing when it comes to worship.

Also find out why it is important to teach these habits to our children early.


John 3:1-5

Nicodemus visits Jesus in the middle of the night. Why did he come by night? What caused him to believe in Jesus?

Jesus did not perform any “signs” specifically for Nicodemus, why not?

What was the important message Jesus shared with Nicodemus?

What does it mean to be born? What about being born “again?”


Recommendation this week: His Shoes, Her Shoes Marriage Seminar with Wayne & Tami Roberts.


John 2:13-17

Why did Jesus make a scourge to drive people out of the Temple?

What is zeal? Is it okay to be upset about things? Is it okay to tell someone if what they’re doing is wrong?

We also discuss how to we teach our children to view others around them.  How can we bring them up so as not to encourage things like bullying & racism? How does God view people and how should we view people?