My wife, Kristy, who helps me with our podcast has been helping with another site for several years now. The site is and is dedicated to providing articles and Bible study material for women. They also host 2 different annual retreats where women speakers come in and dissect the text from a book in the Bible and teach a very deep lecture series from that book.

One of the more recent endeavers of the ladies at Come Fill Your Cup has been a study guide called “Finer Grounds.” (Yes, everything over there is coffee related.) Kristy is the editor and one of the writers for the Finer Grounds series. The idea behind these studies is to give you a guided study that will take you through a book of the Bible, demonstrating how to ask the right questions and use the tools to extract God’s truths out for yourself.

We are excited to share their news, that Kaio Publications has offered to publish some of these studies into book form. The first one was just made available yesterday, and was authored by Kristy. The title is “Sanctified: Set Apart for a Purpose” and it is a study of 1 & 2 Peter.  It’s divided into 13 chapters so it would be great for a 1-quarter ladies class, or of course it would be fantastic to pick up a copy and study through on your own at whatever pace you like.

The book is listed on and, but we would prefer you go visit and purchase directly from them. A greater percentage of the proceeds will help Kaio Publications offer more material like this and help the Come Fill Your Cup site continue to offer incredible studies such as these.

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Wow! This is the 3rd week in a row I haven’t been able to record with Taylor and upload a podcast because the server space I rent has been down the entire time!  I feel like I have to start back from square one promoting the show and getting people to tune back in.  The sad news (for me at least) is that the server space is STILL DOWN and there are some files and things that I may never get back. The good news for you is that I bought better space elsewhere and spent last week moving the podcast over to it!

The old episodes are available again. I know the server went down before many of you had the chance to hear episode 4 so be sure to go check it out!

I recorded episode 5 by myself over a week ago and plan to get it edited/uploaded tomorrow to put us back on schedule for new episodes coming out on Wednesday. Then next week we’ll be back on track and you’ll get to hear my lovely co-hosts one again.

I would also like to say a special THANK YOU to special donor who is helping make the new server space I had to pay for possible. It just happened that the day I decided I couldn’t wait any longer for my server admin to get my old server working, as I was at the computer signing up for new space and figuring out how to manage it, I was contacted by a listener who wanted to send me money to help get things up and running again. I am SO EXCITED that someone values our show enough, especially this early in our infancy, to want to help keep it running!

Ok, I’m terrible at this. I’m asking our listeners to be patient about our server being down, and I am climbing the walls because it’s been almost 2 weeks since everything has been working correctly.

I was told last night that it would be up and working by this morning. This morning the server is up, the folder structure is in place, but all the files are gone! (not just show files… I back up a lot of others personal things to this server space as well!)

I recorded a show last week, hoping to upload it late and not miss the entire week. Well… we missed the entire week.

I’m not going to record a new show this week, and I hope to be able to upload last weeks show before the end of this week.  If this isn’t solved soon, I have a new (more dependable, although more expensive too) server option waiting for me to click ‘buy’ and move everything over.

(By the way, if you like this show… I am accepting donations to be able to avoid issues like this in the future by affording more reliable services)

Thank you again for your patience… I am trying to be patient also. Hopefully we will be back very soon!!

I took a bit of a gamble for hosting these podcast files with a new company, who was very competitively priced. I’ve watched said company grow and make some big changes over the past year or so, and their support has been very prompt, so for that I am willing to stick with them.

That being said, some of you have alerted me to the fact that the podcast files are currently not playing, and I have found out that it has to do with the server I am renting. My server admin is working on it now and I have been assured it will be fixed soon.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but as I am starting out and hoping to build something big, I think this service I am using is in a similar boat, and because their communication with me and efforts to fix the issues we’ve stumbled across so far in the process I want to stay with them and help them grow.

There may not be a podcast this week, or I may just do something different due to the server issues and simultaneous bad weather making it difficult for me to bring my family back and forth to my studio to get all our parts recorded.

Thank you for your patience.

Good news! We have now been approved to be listed in the iTunes directory. Here is the direct link:

While getting lights and mics setup, I set Taylor in front of the backdrop and asked her to “be still” so I could get everything ready to go. Here is some of the fun we had while she was “being still” for me.