John 15


Jesus gives an illustration of a vine full of branches, some of which are bearing fruit. How does this describe His church? What kinds of fruit is He talking about?

We also discuss the importance of training our children to know and respect the Bible as God’s inspired Word.

Luke 5:17-25

Jesus has a crowd from all around the region coming to hear Him teach. The crowd is so large many people can’t even get to Him. A faithful group of friends take their paralyzed friend up onto the roof of the house He is in, and dig through the roof just to get their friend in front of Jesus in hopes of His healing.

How did Jesus respond? What do we learn about forgiveness? What do we learn about our responsibilities to our friends?

We also discuss talking to our children about sin and forgiveness, and not creating a fear in them about the judgment of God but the hope and peace of being His.

Matt. 8:1-4

Jesus is approached by a leper who is seeking healing. While Jesus could have healed him from a distance, he showed compassion by touching the leper when he made him well.

What can we learn from this interaction? Why did Jesus ask him not to tell anyone what happened?

We also talk about the importance of building relationships with other families in the church and some encouragement to do so.

Luke 5:1-11

Jesus has such a crowd gathering around, and pushing in, to hear Him teach God’s Word, that He is pushed back into the sea and has to commandeer a fishing vessel to use as a stage to address them all. After His message, He takes another opportunity to demonstrate the power of God behind His spoken words by taking some fishermen who had failed at a night of fishing, and filling their boats with so many fish they boats almost sank!

We learn how the fishermen reacted to this, and an important message about Jesus wanting us to be in fellowship with Him, and serving in His work, even when we feel like we are not worthy of His presence.

We also discuss a tip for keeping your kids excited and energetic about spiritual growth in their own lives through the simple act of bragging on them!