John 2:13-17

Why did Jesus make a scourge to drive people out of the Temple?

What is zeal? Is it okay to be upset about things? Is it okay to tell someone if what they’re doing is wrong?

We also discuss how to we teach our children to view others around them.  How can we bring them up so as not to encourage things like bullying & racism? How does God view people and how should we view people?

John 1:19-34

John the Baptist defends who he is (and who he is not.) He is the fulfillment of prophecy whose purpose is to prepare and point to the Christ.

Why did they think he might have been the Christ?

Why did they think he might have been Elijah?

Why did they think he might have been “The Prophet?”

Find out what his purpose was all about, and how he knew who the Messiah really was.

Also, a great resource for you to check out:


Matt. 4:5-11

Satan pulls out 2 more tricks to push Jesus to let humanity take over.

Jesus is tempted to jump from the top of the temple to prove His deity, and then is offered the whole world.

Find out how Jesus repels Satan’s attacks.

God’s Word and plan for us must always be the most important goal and motivation in our lives!



I will give away a copy of Kristy Huntsman’s new book Sanctified: Set Apart for a Purpose.

To enter, find our facebook page “The Heaven Bound Podcast” and share the post from April 2, 2014 explaining what the Heaven Bound Podcast is all about. Monday, April 7th I will put all the names who shared the post into a hat and Taylor will draw a name out during the introduction to the show that will be available Wednesday April, 9th.