Luke 2:22-38

As faithful Jews, what process followed the birth of Jesus as far as Joseph and Mary were concerned? What can we learn about this family based on the details in this text. What were the “days of purification” and why was baby Jesus taken to the temple?

Find out about some of the sacrifices of Mosaic Law, and which ones Joseph and Mary offered after Jesus’ birth.

We also discuss becoming a “Barnabas” (Acts 4:36) and passing this along to your children!

Minor as it may have been, Jewish male babies underwent surgery if their families were faithful to God. This surgery was a sign demonstrating obedience and identifying God’s people.

This is a Christian Evidences topic when we explore the level of understanding in the day of Abraham and realize that only a Creator and Revealer of Truth could be behind this.

What happens when we get hurt or cut? How does blood help with injuries? What is important about the 8th day? Why is this evidence of an Almighty Creator?

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