Who was Caesar Augustus and what was the census for? Why did Joseph & Mary have to travel just to register for the census? What were the circumstances around the birth of Jesus? Who were the first to visit the special baby and how did they know He was the Messiah?

Jesus demonstrates His humility by even His birth being a humble and lowly event, rather than one we would regard “fit for a King.”

We also discuss: Do you find true joy in being a Christian? Are you expressing that joy in a way that it rubs off on your children, so they will understand what it is like to be excited to be a follower of Jesus? They are being molded by everything they see and hear you do, mold them carefully!

Join us as we discuss:

What is an angel?

What does it mean to be engaged, and then to get married?

God selected Mary to bring His son into this world. Joseph wasn’t sure about what was going on, and almost called off the wedding!

God communicated with people in different ways to make sure His plan of saving man from sin would be fulfilled.

We also discuss: Make sure to stop and spend some quality time with your children. This might be letting them  help you with your projects, you taking time to help them do something they love, or just a good old trip to the park to push them in the swing. Whatever it is, it is time well spent!

Matt. 1:1-17

What is the importance of the genealogy of Jesus? Three very powerful evidences come from this list of names:

1.     Jesus fulfills specific prophecies regarding His birth, such as being a descendant of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob; from the tribe of Judah; from the shoot of Jesse; and of the throne of David. The incredible odds of Jesus fulfilling all the prophecies is a tremendous foundation for our faith, and Matthew shows us powerful evidence in what appears to be merely a list of hard-to-pronounce names.

2.     Jesus fulfills the promise made to Abraham about a seed that would bless all nations. Matthew records His lineage all the way back to this incredible father of promise.

3.     Jesus is shown to be heir to the throne by His lineage being traced back through King David. While that noble line may have been removed by powering nations, proof of the bloodline of Joseph back to David is rock-solid evidence that Jesus was fit to be king.

We also discuss the importance of teaching young children to sit still in worship. We know it’s not easy, but hang in there! It will be worth it!

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While getting lights and mics setup, I set Taylor in front of the backdrop and asked her to “be still” so I could get everything ready to go. Here is some of the fun we had while she was “being still” for me.


It’s finally here. Episode 1 of The Heaven Bound Podcast. Join Lance Huntsman and his daughter Taylor on a journey through the life of Christ to learn how, and be encouraged to spend time studying the Bible together as a family. Each show will also contain tips and discussion for parents raising godly  children.

This episode comes from John 1:1-18

Jesus is sometimes referred to by “nicknames.” For example Jesus is The Word, and Jesus is The Light.

Jesus exists eternally just like God the Father. He was in Heaven with God from the beginning, and Jesus is actually responsible for creating the physical universe! The greatest thing He did was leave Heaven, and become a part of His created universe by becoming flesh like us in order to make us children of God.

Kristy joins the show to discuss building habits in our children. No matter how small our children are, they can learn and form habits that will mold the rest of their lives. Important habits like:

respecting one another

speaking politely

going to God in prayer


caring about others and showing love to them