I am excited to be building this new blog which will be the home of The Heaven Bound Podcast. I’ll be podcasting weekly along with my wife and children, studying through the life of Christ and other Bible studies, aiming to help other families see how important and easy it is to spend time together studying God’s Word, and really putting Him first as a family.

My Bible study will be co-hosted each week by my (currently 4 year old) daughter Taylor, with occasional visits from my (currently 1 year old) other daughter Makayla. Makayla is a very active, energetic child who will probably not sit still and quiet for the extra time needed to turn our Bible studies into a teaching tool for you to use, but she loves Bible study time, singing and praying with all her heart which just proves to me its never too early to help your children build a relationship with God.

I will also have my wife for a special spot in each show and we talk about tips and goals we have set for our family, how we are working to accomplish those goals, and sharing resources that we find helpful.

Having worked as a Youth Minister, College Campus Minister, Pulpit Minister and now Family Minister, my experience working with and teaching people has led me to one principal that I believe with all my being. It’s all about the family unit. Elders have a role and responsibility to the church, ministers and deacons have their own roles… but when it comes to the future of the church and the eternal destiny of your children, the family unit, led by spiritually-minded fathers is the core building-block of it all. My goal with this podcast is to equip families to be just that.

Our family is Heaven bound. You should come too!